We may say this for every launch, but OMG the most exciting launch of 2022 is finally here. 

Not just that, the formula for both sides is perfection. It’s rich, long-lasting, and easy to apply. The applicators are fully customized by Zainab to give you ultimate control and single-stroke application.

The Inspiration behind Hai Liner 

There are days when one wants to use an easy-peezy pen-liner and on the other hand, you have days when a liquid liner is a necessity. So, why have multiple liners when you can have one? With Hai Liner, Zainab’s inspiration was to create one easy-to-use eyeliner with two different custom tips and two amazing formulas which can be used all the time for every occasion without the need to buy and carry multiple liners. 

The Hai Liner Formulas

It was essential for us to create an eyeliner that does it all. So we made two different formulas and combined them into one hence the Hai liner. 


The Liquid liner 

This formula is matte-black and long-lasting. This side’s tip is fine, makings the application very controlled and easy. People who find it difficult to apply liquid liner will find application with this liner very easy. 

Pro tip: If you want to apply liner on top of eyeshadows, use this side. It layers amazingly on top of other products, especially shimmers and glitters of all sorts.



The Pen Liner 

The pen liner’s formula is semi-matte, black, and long-lasting. The tip is long and thick enough to make application very quick and easy. Only one stroke and you are done! It won't budge all day long!


How to use


The pen-liner gives fantastic control for a quick simple eyeliner, whereas the precise tip of the liquid liner will let you play around with your eyeliner designs to the max!

Tips and tricks

1- Shake well before use. 

2- Layer them on top of each other for extra richness and longevity. 

3- The bottom of the pen side fits perfectly on the rest of the body to elongate it if needed.

How to remove

Any cleanser or micellar water, and even a simple face wash will do the trick. No tugging or harsh rubbing is needed. 


We are so so excited! Our Zay Beauty Hai Liner will be available to purchase on zaybeauty.com on the 28th of July 2022 and will be priced at PKR 1950 or USD 10